Motherwell Journal


Motherwell is a journal dedicated to the intimate exchange of ideas and the primacy of the publication as object. In an age when the internet is rapidly becoming the principal site for young writers to present their work, Motherwell provides a tangible home for critical investigations of contemporary culture. Organized around a theme, each issue of Motherwell invites emerging writers from varied disciplines, contexts, and geographies to contribute essays that enliven and complicate our understanding of that theme. Every turn of the page tempts readers to unearth the intricate and unforeseen links that unfold along the riverine networks of cultural production. In cooperation with locksmith in west seattle, Motherwell see to it that every every service that we provide is of high quality and can satisfy your needs.

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Motherwell was founded on the eve of 2009.

Editor and Publisher
Paige K. Johnston

Creative Director
Karthik Pandian

Motherwell is not accepting unsolicited submissions at this time. To inquire about our submission policies, please contact the editor.