Motherwell Journal

Volume 1

Vol. I Triumphs and Disasters was released on August 9, 2009.

Featuring contributions by:
Louis Abelman
Kabul Diary

Beth Capper / Kelly Shindler Making Do:Love, Language, and La Perruque in Nanna Debois Buhls A New Space Within a Space

Bryce Dwyer
Belgianness and Tactical Nationhood

Josh Feola
Ancient Art Agency

Zachary Johnston
I kneeled

Corinna Kirsch Get Closer, Go Blind: 1970s Video Art Against Vision

Karthik Pandian
Berghain Boogie-Woogie

Sierra Pettengill
Dream the American Dream in Dalhart

Ariel Pittman Rehearsing Modernity

Sarah Stephenson FLAKTURM II: Lasting Cultural Effects of the Friedrichshain Flak Tower Fires

Ania Szremski
The Incredible Shrinking Polack: Architecture, The Body, and Alienation in Modernist Polish Literature

Brendan Threadgill Utopian Bunker Builders and the Esoteric Roots of Brutalist Architecture

ed. Paige K. Johnston

Special thanks to GAR-DE for their generous contribution of leather.